Fliptactics – The Concept Of Flipping! Part 1

Written By Ben Johnson on 17 February 2010 11 People Commented

The concept behind flipping websites for cash isn't a complicated one and it's one which we have been dabbling in over the past few months and watching others doing to obvserve the best methods to use when flipping. Flipping isn't something I would want to do full time myself but it is something I've been able to use to add a good addition income stream for my business. I only tend to sell sites which I have no interest in keeping.

What Is Flipping?

You'll all have heard of flipping websites around the web, flipping is simply selling a website (or domain) you have built or accquired in the aim of making a profit on that sale. There are plenty of info products appearing around the internet which claim to tell you the secrets behind making $1000's of extra dollars a week just by selling websites. Whilst this is completely possible you don't need to buy an info product to tell you the so called secrets simply because there aren't any. Flipping websites isn't a hard thing to do there are just a few things you can do which will increase your chances of selling a site and achieving the maximum profit possible on that sale.

Where To Flip?

There is only one place on the internet worth selling a website in my opinion and that is Flippa.com, some people have asked me about selling websites on eBay and my answer would be don't do it. Flippa is a purpose built online marketplace designed specifically for selling websites and domains, eBay isn't. If you sell on eBay you are likely to come across more problems than you will with Flippa.com plus the market you are selling to is no where near as targeted as is it on Flippa.

The Three Varieties Of Flip!

When it comes to flipping for profit there are three main types of flip you are going to come across:

The Domain Flip

We have to face it that owning the 'right' domain name is like owning a prime peice of real estate and sold in the right way and in the right place you can make a healthly profit. My personal feeling is that Flippa IS NOT the right place to sell valuable domains, from what I have observed they are not the most sold items on flippa and only very premium domains seem to do well as far as achieving maximum profit.

The Build To Flip

The build to flip is where you build and develop a website with the sole intention of flipping the site for profit, this is often the most profitable option.

The Pre-Built Flip

The pre-built flip is where you decide to sell one of your websites to 'cash in' on it's current value. If you have a website which you have lost interest in but it still earns an income then this is where you can 'cash in' and release the value of the site.

Flipping isn't something a lot of people are interested in doing but you would be surprised how much extra cash you can release from old sites that you no longer have any interest in or just by putting together a new site targeted to sell in the Flippa marketplace.

The Fliptactics Series - Coming Up (I may add in more as we go along):

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  • Gary Speer said:

    I’m really looking forward to your ideas on the “how-tos” of flipping, Ben. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try and never felt like I knew enough to get started.

    Thanks and I really look forward to this series!

    Gary Speer

  • Ben Johnson said:

    I’ll try my best, Gary, hopefully the next few posts won’t disappoint. You should be able to get an idea of the best way to list and the type of sites which sell and so on.


  • Mark - Niche Store Builder said:

    Looking forward to this one Ben! We recently (Just a week or so ago) flipped a high traffic & earnings site of our own and now plan on including flips in our overall strategy going forward!

  • Ben Johnson said:

    Thanks Mark! Flips are a great way of bringing extra income into your online business and it’s something I am going to be doing a lot more of in the future. There is absolutely nothing wrong with flipping a website which you no longer have an interest in owning, IMHO it’s just like selling a house to release it’s true value .
    There is a good market for certain types of site at the moment so why not fulfill the needs of that market.

  • Mike Mott said:

    Hi Ben
    Not something I’ve ever done but it sounds really interesting-if you do it right!
    Best wishes
    .-= Mike Mott´s last blog ..New to IM? Can I help…… =-.

  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    I still need to arrange to meet you for that cofee/beer, Mike, I promise it’s on my list of things to do :).

    It’s a great additional income stream for your business for sure.

  • Jeff Jones said:

    Way to go, Ben.

    I’ve got a few decent domains that I would like to sell but haven’t had the do-this then this checklist to help me.

    Also, kudos for keeping them short.


  • Jeff Jones said:


    I think somebody has mentioned this to you before but I get directed to a 404 if I follow the links under “The Fliptactics Series” rather than the “Similar Posts” links.


  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    Thanks for pointing that out to me, Jeff, I hadn’t realised it was happening All fixed now thank you :)


  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    Great stuff,

    Give it a go, turn them into sites and flip ‘em, see how it works out for you.


  • Kieran said:

    Hey Ben,

    This is a great series on a hot strategy.

    Any chance you’ll write anything about the process post-sale? Ie. What the steps are to transfer the site over to the new owner.

    Also, what about the importance of using reseller hosting a/cs verses shared hosting?

    Cheers in advance!
    .-= Kieran´s last blog ..Kmackaz: @gideonshalwick what software do you use to edit out your green screen to go white, etc? Is it Sony Vegas or other software? =-.

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