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Written By Ben Johnson on 22 April 2010 No Comments Yet

Price Comparison Plugin For WordPressAfter recently releasing CompariPress and hopefully releasing Niche Site Platform next week, I want to try and make a few more blog posts, when I get chance, which will give you hints and tips on how to use my products or certain features in the best way possible. Sometimes the biggest user manual in the world doesn't make it 100% clear and I know how frustrating it can be to buy a product and get so fed up with it because you are not sure how to use it correctly.

From that premise, in this post I would like to talk a little bit about searching for products in your CompariPress PCU admin area.

Why The CompariPress Search Is The Way It Is!

For those of you who currently use CompariPress on your own websites you will already know that in order to display products on your site in the price comparison format, you have to first do a search for the products you wish to display. Now, the search function is split up into several fields but a couple of people have asked me why not just use one like other plugins do! There is a very very good reason for this and that reason is control! CompariPress allows you to display products from Amazon, Amazon Marketplace, Commission Junction, Linkshare, Overstock and Affiliate Window. For that reason, we had to find the best way to interface with ALL of those multiple affiliate networks and their different search functions to provide you with the most accurate results possible.

The CompariPress Search Fields Explained

The CompariPress search is split up into 5 positive fields and 5 negative fields:

The Positive Fields

The positive fields enable you to enter up to 5 keywords or keyphrases which MUST appear in the titles of the products to be returned. When you enter your keywords or phrases you should be treating them as EXACT PHRASE match, if you enter three keywords (a keyword phrase) into the first field then ONLY products which contain these three keywords in that EXACT order will be returned. If you were to enter those three keywords on three separate lines then ONLY products which contained ALL of those keywords in ANY order, within the title, will be returned.

The first field in the positive keywords section enables you to use the OR operator "|" (without the quotes). This enables you to enter multiple keywords on one line and CompariPress will return products which contain any one of those keywords or phrases. This is particuarly useful if you were searching for 1 particular item from three different manufacturers and you wanted to display product examples from ALL or some of those manufacturers.

The Negative Fields

The negative fields enable you to enter up to 5 keywords or keyphrases which should NOT appear in the titles of the returned products.

A Real Life Example

To try and make all the above a little clearer, let's look at a real world example. Lets say you wanted to display product deals for the top makes of "BLACK ESPRESSO MACHINE" in a particular price compare unit, the easiest way to do this would be as follows:

  • On the first POSITIVE line enter your brand names which you wish to search for: Capresso|Nespresso|Imusa|Saeco
  • On the second POSITIVE line enter: black
  • On the third POSITIVE line enter: espresso

There may be no need to enter a fourth term because BRAND black espresso is already quite specific and probably wouldn't return many other types of product. You should also remember that the product may sometimes be referred to as a espresso maker and other times as an espresso machine.

If you want to exclude any products such as particular accessories or parts, for example cups or filters, then we could utilize the negative fields like so:

  • One the first NEGATIVE line enter: cup
  • on the second NEGATIVE line enter: filter

In short, the example above will search for products WHICH MUST contain the following words anywhere in the title of the product, "Capresso OR Nespresso OR Imusa OR Saeco" as well as Black AND espresso. The product title MUST NOT contain the words cup AND filter. This type of search would return products with the following titles:

  • Capresso Black Espresso Maker
  • Capresso Espresso Machine, Black
  • Black Saeco Espresso Machine

etc etc

If you searched entered "Capresso|Nespresso|Imusa|Saeco" onto the first POSITIVE line and "Black Espresso Maker" onto the second POSITIVE line then only products with Capresso OR Nespresso OR Imusa OR Saeco AND the EXACT phrase "Black Espresso Maker" would be returned. This type of search would ONLY return products such as:

  • Capresso Black Espresso Maker
  • Capresso 4 Cup Black Espresso Maker
  • Saeco Large Black Espresso Maker

etc etc

I hope this helps you to use the search function of CompariPress a little better and more efficently, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to enter them below.

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