Have You Ever Built A One Product Website?

Written By Ben Johnson on 28 May 2010 12 People Commented

When I'm building a new website I usually tend to go for the larger websites rather than the smaller ones but just recently I've built a few smaller single product websites which have done very well indeed. Personally I just think it's a reminder to us all that you don't always have to spend a good chunk in time or money building big websites to get a good return.

As an example I would like to share a short story with you. Just a few weeks back I was visiting a friend of mine who is also into affiliate marketing, only as a hobby though, he had a few domains lying around for Niches that I hadn't even thought of. The niches were very very tightly focused, so tightly focused in fact that they were for single products. I did some basic keyword research using the Google Keyword Tool to try and determine whether or not there was actually any search demand for this particular product. The results I turned up were not outstanding, the search volume was probably what I would consider as just around average, but that didn't put me off. There were plenty of other "long tail" related target phrases which could also be included in the optimization. The best thing was that a good majority of these phrases had very little or no competition at all, so from the outset I knew it wouldn't take a big authority website with lots of links to actually rank it well in the SERPS.

After some time and thought I put together a very simple website with a reasonable amount of content and did a little promotion. In the first week of the site being live it earned $25 and it's continued to earn between $20-40 a week from affiliate product sales ever since. So what sort of website did I build?

Building the Website

The website I built my friend was certainly nothing fancy or complex and what's more it didn't take me a huge amount of time to build. I knew that we only wanted to promote a single product as other products in this particular market were over saturated with competition. The keywords and phrases for this product had very little competition in the search engines and because of that I knew that I wouldn't need to build a big 'authority' website to fill the gap and rank well. For that very reason I decided to build a squeeze page style site.
For this one site I decided to use WordPress and the Flexsqueeze theme from Ryan Grabenstein, I absolutely love these themes as they enable you to have a squeeze page up within a matter of minutes with very little need for customisation. Alongside that I installed all of the usual plugins which you would put onto any new WordPress site such as Google XML sitemaps, All In One SEO, SmartYoutube.

Adding Content

I kept the content very simple and straightforward, using a structure with the product image at the very top of the page and other images through out the content, a full hand written description of the product, it's main benefits and features, affiliate offers and a video review. I also added some outbound links to relevant resources in the footer of the site.

Displaying Affiliate Offers

On this particular site I wanted to present any visitors with the best offers from across the web, I had the perfect tool for that in my own tool box and that was CompariPress. CompariPress enabled me to display the top deals from 10 of the biggest retailers in the UK along with the merchant image, the product image and the price.

Promoting the New Website

I treated this website the same as with any other except I haven't spent anywhere near as long trying to promote it because it's simply so much easier to promote than the much larger websites I usually build.

  1. I entered the site into my Traffic Bug account - I am always very careful no to be too aggressive with new websites
  2. I wrote 2 unique articles and submitted one to EzineArticles and one to ArticlesBase

I then left the site to sit for the next few weeks so I could see where it naturally sat in the SERPS.

Without any further promotion that site now sits at number 3 for it's broad target keyword phrase, there is still work to do to get it ranking higher but even at number 3 it's earning between $20-40 a week from sales.

It just goes to show that breaking your neck building big chunky websites isn't the only way to get the job done. There is always more than one way to skin a cat!
Have you had any success by doing this? Are you going to give it a go for yourself?

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  • Jeff Jones said:


    It’s like you read my mind!

    I am in the content portion of nearly the same type of site. The only difference is that I’ve selected one affiliate program with many related products and I’m going to add them to the site depending on the individual level of searches and competition each product gets.

    I have Flexsqueeze and the Affiliate theme as well and I’m trying to decide which would be easier to build. Do you have any experience with the Affiliate theme? Does anybody else?

    I totally agree that you don’t need a huge dominating site to make money online. I’ve had a similar experience where somebody shows me a site, tells me how much it makes per month and I’m blown away. And NOT always in very very tight niches either.

    Once again, your content is spot on and unbelievably timely for me.

    .-= Jeff Jones´s last blog ..How Do You Make Money From Your List? =-.

  • Jay said:

    Hi Ben :)

    Never did a website just around 1 product but something to consider.

    On a different note, how do you like traffic bug? Just signed up for their free trial and it’s pretty easy to use. Have you found it effective?


  • Sunshine said:

    Hi there Ben,

    Sounds like a winning outcome. Single product niche sites have been all the rage now for the past year and do provide awesome affiiliate results.

    By the way, why did you choose to go with Flexsqueeze WordPress theme rather than your Niche Site Platform Builder for this experiment?

  • Ben Johnson (author) said:


    Good stuff!

    I don’t have any experience with the Affiliate theme I’m afraid, I have always chosen to use Flex squeeze for my single page WordPress websites.

    Tell me about it, I’ve seen some pretty crappy looking small sites online, heck I even own a couple of them :) and some of them do very well indeed.


  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    Hi Jay,

    Try it out, you’ve got nothing to loose other than a bit of time and $10 on a domain.

    With regards to Traffic Bug, I like it! I don’t use it for all of my sites and I tend to be very very careful with it, as with anything, overuse will cause more problems than good. I’ve found it effective in building links to my links, so when I submit an article I put it into TB along with it’s RSS feed. It seems to do pretty well along with some quality unique articles.


  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    Hi Sunshine,

    Purely because I wanted to slap a site up real quick, I didn’t have a single page theme for NSP plus I wanted to use my other product, CompariPress, as a method of monetization.


  • Kevin said:

    Hi Everyone

    As Sunshine said “why did you choose to go with Flexsqueeze WordPress theme rather than your Niche Site Platform Builder for this experiment?”

    Sure you could do it with NSP just as well but would it be then classed as a thin site?

    I have read in lots of places, that some people make $30-$40 a week with just a small site.Just promoting one product,which is a great thing.You only need a few of these to make a nice living.

    Be interested in other peoples ideas on this.



  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    Hi Kevin,

    On a content ratio to affiliate links no not really, the page only had around 10 affiliate links but a decent amount of unique content. Using NSP for this project would have just been overkill really, NSP is more designed to build an entire niche website and with only one main product to promote it would have been a waste.

    Granted, it doesn’t work with ALL products but it works with a good few, you just need to find that one product with a good search trend at the time.


  • Steve Deerfield said:

    Excellent work Ben… you’re making a difference that really counts and in this field – that’s gold.
    .-= Steve Deerfield´s last blog ..JV Giveaway Spotlight 5 =-.

  • Mark James said:

    Hi Ben,

    This is really strange, just read an ebook about this, the author was using the same method and flexsqueeze theme.

    I had already made up my mind to try it with your CompariPress plugin,


  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    Hi Mark,

    That’s a coincidence certainly. I’m actually writing a free report about it at the moment, providing you choose the right product with the right search volume it can be a real money spinner.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Bill said:

    All I build is one product niche sites. Look at the guy who built the flip site. All flip all the time.

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