The Info Product Model – A New Take On Niche Site Monetization

Written By Ben Johnson on 6 September 2010 12 People Commented

Many of you may have already seen the email which was sent out earlier this afternoon with details of a brand new product just released to the public, it's called "The Info Product Model" or TIPM for short.

The concept centers around something which isn't at all new, and that's creating information products online for profit. But where this product differs is that it provides the strategy for researching, creating and marketing your info products online. Furthermore TIPM comes complete with a simple built for purpose peice of software which allows you to easily put together a simple website which includes a front end sales funnel and a secure backend where you can control access through the integrated Clickbank sales system.

Now, as I've already said, the concept of creating niche info products isn't new, and I'm sure many of us have purchased hundreds of eBooks over the years. But what TIPM does do is make it easy to create, secure and sell information into niche markets online, essentially it:

  1. Adds Security
  2. Adds value To Your Product
  3. Makes The Process Easier

I have a couple of info products I'm half way through creating myself which will "sit" very nicely into TIPM and software, but more than that I can see many marketing possibilities in additional niche markets outside of my own "primary niche" i.e. Internet/Affiliate Marketing. Two examples shown on the sales page include Poker and martial arts.

I've being using an earlier version of the software myself for some time on the phpOStock website and never had any problems with it. But I'm quite looking forward to getting my hands into this new version as well as the strategy and coming up with some possible options for use. Once I've had a proper read through everything and a "play" with the software I'll leave a fulll review, but overall my initial impressions are good.

Just take a second out to think, do you have a good deal of knowledge or experience which could tie nicely into TIPM? Do you have a website from which you could develop a secondary income stream?

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  • Kelvin said:

    Thanks for the write up Ben – glad to see you get it.

    It really does open up a new window for profiting from niche markets.

    Package and sell your information rather than giving it away for free.

    Use your affiliate program to get relevant traffic rather than relying on search engine indexing.

    It’s a brave new world!!

    Look forward to seeing your progress.


  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    No problem Kelvin. I’m looking forward to giving it a run through. What I like about the software is that it simplifies the process and I can see where it can be developed on to make it more powerful.

    I’m quite comfortable marketing AM products but it will be nice to give this a shot in some of the other niches I’m in. I already have one idea of where to use it.

    Looks good so far.

  • stew said:

    Hey Ben,

    Yes, anything that would help automate the info product creation process is useful.

    Problem is at this point this new “system” sounds pretty unremarkable compared to what is already out there.

    Creating a “secure” backend” is the least of the issues if you are using Clickbank.

    Still, I’m looking forward to learning more about it because maybe it is just the marketing of this system hasn’t made the benefits clear.

  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    Hey Stew,

    Welcome to the blog. I would agree, there are A LOT of products out there including amember, easymemberpro, memberwing etc, etc. I use a couple of these membership scripts myself across multiple product websites and they are incredibly powerful BUT they can also be very complex and time consuming for simple content membership websites.

    TIPM provides a quick and easy way to package up info and sell it in a tidy and secure format. Think outside the box and away from the “usual” Clickbank products, think Niche Affiliate websites but instead of monetizing with Affiliate offers you have your own secure content. Now, yes this could be done with WordPress but just like many of the membership scripts out there, WordPress can sometimes be too cumbersome for the job.

    From my testing so far, I can see that TIPM will make it very easy to get sites out there in whatever niche you’re in, freeing up time to actually market and get traffic.

  • Scott said:


    Do you know if this product would also allow inclusion of audio and video, or is it limited to basic text and images?

    Thanks. :)


  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    Hey Scott,

    Its basically has a WYSIWYG editor for the pages so would allow you to add video via that interface if you wanted to. The same would be true with the audio as long as you were using some kind of embed code.

    I plan on using it for a product with videos and I will just use the embed code.

    Make sense?

  • Scott said:


    Definitely makes sense and sounds interesting.

    Since you’ve used TIPM yourself, do you know if you’re limited regarding the number of pages you can have protected?

    I ask because I’m working on a music lessons site, and I’ve been planning to use DreamWeaver and aMember, but the TIPM script looks promising. I will likely have 5 “steps” to each program, but one of the steps will have about 400 music exercises, so I don’t know if TIPM would be an effective solution.

    Any advice would be appreciated again. Thank you!


  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    No, your not limited to the number. You basically have a backend and a front end control and your pages can be added/deleted/trashed and edited.

    I know how you feel, as you may know I use Amember on most of my product sites BUT it’s anightmare setting up any type of content site unless you use WordPress or something. Personally I don’t like using WordPress for membership sites, to me it’s like using a larger hammer when a tac hammer will do just fine.

    If you are planning on creating those pages under one level i.e. one parent page for ALL or a few of them then I don’t see what TIPM wouldn’t work. They have a 60 day refund promise as well so if it’s not suited to you then get your money back.

    Sounds like it might do the job for you though.

  • Larry said:

    There is no customer support for this product. I have sent 10 e-mails on the site Blog and not a single response.

    I have an affiliate issue with the product, cannot get it to work correctly. Cannot get banner to appear on affiliate pages.

    If your considering buying this product take it from me they do not answer the blog or e-mails. Customer support is non existent.

  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    Hi Larry,

    That’s unfortunate, I know Kelvin replied to this thread so may be he’ll be able to provide some assistance on the subject …. Kelvin?

  • John Hayes said:

    Hi Ben,

    Great article. I found it very useful. I’m a newbie on Internet Marketing. Have a lot of studying under my belt however now I’m taking action.
    I’m on week 7 of John Thornhills Master class. I’m enjoying the material and the steb by step process / blueprint is great. My goal is to develop my own product, so I’ll check out this solution. Looks like you’re impressed with it for sure..



  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    Hey John,

    Thanks for stopping by. 7 weeks in and looks like you’re already making good progress with your blog and such. JT’s masterclass was pretty cool and certainly helped me develop some ideas, he’s also a real standup guy.

    Good luck with the rest of the class.

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