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Written By Ben Johnson on 23 September 2008 7 People Commented

The phpbay search to post plugin is something that Melissa Eaton mentioned in a blog post she made recently and it was then that I found out about it. After reading about the plugin I was amazed at how powerful a tool it could be, so I went ahead and purchased it for $15 from Alan Lewis at 1am UK time and the plugin was with me in less than 2 hours. I installed it onto a new site which I am using to cover the phpbay e commerce style site build over the next few weeks, I experienced a few problems un-related to the plugin which Alan was extremely helpful in resolving with me, regardless of the fact the issues were nothing to do with the plugin itself but more to do with my permalink structure. I have to be honest when I say that I absolutely love this plugin.

So what does he plugin do?

The search to post pluginĀ  is designed to replace the default search function that you already may be using on your phpbay site. It basically works as a widget, you install it, activate it, configure it and away you go, you get fresh new content every time a visitor conducts a search on your site. The content is generated in the form of a post or page (you choose) with a page title, page content above the listings which is randomly generated with the use of the plugins randomizer engine tag system and a page of eBay listings matching the users search.

So what are the benefits?
I think the main question is what aren't the benefits? The plugin is brilliant in every way. The main benefits are:

  • Constant fresh new content being added to your site automatically when a visitor searches, if you use All-in-One-SEO then meta description, keywords and title are auto generated for you.
  • Usually your visitors will search for things related to your niche. So the new posts or pages are mainly content relevant to your site.
  • The keywords that your visitors enter into your search are things that they are actually specifically looking for. You never know you may even uncover a better/another niche.
  • Each page or post that is created is automatically pinged.

You can see the plugin in action if you visit the following site and look at the 'Most Recent Posts' section & the links within it on the right hand side of the site.

Configuring the plugin is quite easy and it comes with a full installation/instruction manual along with the support of Alan via email should you need it.

If you want to buy Alan's plugin simply click here and you will be taken to his sales page.

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  • phpBay Pro Tips said:

    This really is an amazing plugin. I added it to my site a few weeks ago and i have a bunch of new indexed pages. But i’ve also noticed my overall site rank went up for my home page as well….

  • Ben said:

    Completely agreed, its certainly a great plugin and Alan’s support was fantastic.

  • Essential Plugins For Your phpBay Site | Succeed With Affiliate Websites & The eBay Affiliate Program : By Ben Johnson said:

    [...] phpBay Search To Post- I have posted about this plugin previously from Alan Lewis, it automatically creates content pages or posts from the searches enetered into the search box on your site, read more about its functions here. [...]

  • Mike said:

    Where IS Alen Lewis? I bought his plugin search2post and there is an install problem with it. I wrote support, but no one answers.

    Don’t purchase this plugin! If you don’t get any support you will have wasted your money!!!!!!

  • Ben said:

    @Mike –

    With the greatest of respect, and I understand your frustration, but Alan has had a lot of problems at home, problems I am not prepared to discuss here as they are personal to him. Needless to say Alan is not out to rip anyone off. Have you posted your problem in the phpBay forum?

  • Mike said:

    I am sorry to hear the man has problems. However, in a business (especially on the internet) you don’t leave your product out there making money and have no one to support it. The problem I have is common to people as there has been other questions on the phpBay forum for the same thing.

    No one seems to be able to solve the issue. It is a developer problem and someone should be a “second person” who can make the corrections if the candy store is unmanned by the owner. Again, there are people purchasing this plugin and not all problems are being able to be solved. Take the product off the market if you can’t service it.

  • Ben said:


    I understand your frustration, Mike. I will try to contact him directly today and see what’s going on, if I don’t hear from him maybe there is something Wade can help with, I think he has the source code for the plugins.


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