phpZon Version 1.0 Has Been Officially Released

Written By Ben Johnson on 19 May 2009 11 People Commented

phpZon Plugin for WordPress

For those of you who have been waiting for this I just wanted to let you know that phpZon has finally been released to the public as Version 1.0 as of this evening.

phpZon V1.0 comes in two forms, there is a WordPress plugin release and an API release. The API version allows you to build a website based around the Amazon affiliate program, it gives you a huge amount of flexibility but also is not for beginners.

The version for use with WordPress comes as a simple and easy to install plugin which allows you to add Amazon listings directly into your WordPress pages and posts using a single line of code in the same way as you would with phpOStock or phpBay .

The plugin has several features, the main ones include the following:

  • Product features
  • Full product descriptions
  • Compact product descriptions
  • Customer reviews
  • Product groups
  • Item list price
  • Item sales price
  • Item used price
  • User ratings

In Addition

  • Filter products which are currently unavailable
  • Filter products which do not have images
  • Choose between displaying small, medium or large product images
  • Search engine friendly URL's

Because the phpZon plugin works in a similar way to both phpOStock and phpBay they are great to display products together on the same site to enable your website visitors to have even more choice when it comes to choosing a product to buy. Below is a screen shot of phpZon, phpBay and phpOStock all displayed together on one page, with some small template modifications to the 3 plugins they fit seamlessly together.

Amazon Plugin For WordPress

If anyone has all three plugins and would like copies of the modified templates which allowed me to display all three plugins seamlessly in this way then simply contact me via my support desk and I can send you the files over.

Overall the plugin takes a few seconds to install, is easy to configure and can have you displaying Amazon products on your WordPress affiliate site in a matter of minutes.

You won't see phpZon on the sales page yet so to buy it simply Visit the phpZon site here and click on the 'Order phpBay Pro' link at the top of the screen and you will be taken through to the order page. phpZon API and plugin are both $49 each at present or you can get both for $79.

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  • Jake said:

    Now if we could only talk Amazon into lengthening that 24 hour cookie! :)

  • Ben said:

    I know…it’s not the best is it:) I have been more successful with Amazon lately though than I have ever been in the past.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • John Edwards said:

    Hi Ben,

    I have used weebly free websites to promote laptops on amazon but this seems like a surer bet on promoting through the associates program !


  • Mandy Allen said:

    You always find such useful information to give us, Ben, thanks for this.

    Enjoy the journey.


  • Ben said:

    Hi Ed

    Yes I have heard of Weebly before, they look really good. I’ve mentioned in the forum before that WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool to build sites with, you just have to think outside of the blogging box :).

    Hi Mandy

    Thanks for stopping by, I’m always happy to help.


  • Kathy said:

    Hi Ben,

    I was just ready to purchase ReviewAzon when I noticed your post on PHPzon. It looks like PHPzon also offers an option to display customer reviews – so could you explain the differences between the two. It’s probably pretty obvious but I’m just not seeing it right now and would appreciate any insight you might have.

    Thank you.

  • Ben said:

    Hi Kathy,

    They are two different products even though they pull in the same information from Amazon. To look at the two:

    phpZon: Allows you to to add Amazon listings directly inside your WordPress posts and pages with a single line of code, you can choose to display a range of information from item name, price right down to reviews etc. It’s very simple and easy to use with any WordPress site.

    ReviewAzon: Allows you to create, schedule and post entire posts with the information pulled from eBay using a powerful templating system. It also allows you to display related eBay listings, related Amazon items, Amazon accessories as well as many other things. You can also pull in all customer reviews if you wanted to and display them again using the powerful template system.

    I own both plugins and I use both separately although I guess you could use them together. I personally don’t use the ReviewAzon plugin as an auto site building tool, I prefer to modify all product descriptions and post them how I want them.

    If you want to build a Review site then I would go with ReviewAzon, if you want to add Amazon listings to a content/niche site then I would use phpZon.

    I hope this clears things up a little.
    Ben :)

  • Kathy said:


    Thanks for replying so soon. That clears things up!

    Thanks again,

  • Ben said:


    No problem at all, I can see how it got confusing.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Roy said:

    WordPress plugins are great more easy to implement than applying to your website.Php is still a grey area for me so I keep to what I know that works.

  • Jonathan said:

    Great post-I have both PhpZon and Phpbay-was looking at others,however I still do not have my head around PhpZone and sometimes find it hard to get the correct products I want-need to research this more-also having problems with the up date WordPress 2.9 as seems to hang updating posts and wipes out phpZon code line-just another bug with WordPress-I will say on the whole it is brilliant,but I just need to learn more on the correct keywords-Any training sites on this?

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