PiggyBank – Making EPC QCP A Little Easier To Understand

Written By Ben Johnson on 15 October 2009 No Comments Yet


Understanding your ePN stats and being able to make changes accordingly could be difficult enough at the best of times but now that ePN have changed their commission structure, the way that you interpret your reports has also changed. Personally, one of the major flaws with the new program, other than the program itself, is the layout of the ePN dashboard. The fact that you have to navigate in and out of screens quite honestly makes things a lot harder than they have to be. Alan Lewis has come up with a solution for this in the form of a WordPress plugin known as PiggyBank.

Piggybank is not a new plugin by any means, it's been around for a while now but since the change of the ePN commission structure from % to EPC this plugin has really come into it's own. What this plugin allows you to do is see all of your important report data in one place, helping you to better understand which sites are failing and which ones aren't. I was lucky enough to beta test the new PiggyBank and I've personally spent the last 24 hours playing around with the latest version (1.7.3) which I think is fantastic.

PiggyBank doesn't do anything miraculous, it isn't going to increase our ePN revenue directly but what it's certainly helped me to do is see what sites are failing and thus enabled me to think about how I can improve them.

Don't get me wrong, I am as peeved with ePN as much as many others but understanding your stats, more than ever, is part of the challenge and solution if you want to continue earning with ePN.

Taking A Peek At The Admin Interface

Figure 1: An easy to use key

Figure 2: See your ePN stats by date range (up to 40 days worth)

Figure 3: See every completed auction along with a link to the item which actually sold

Figure 4: Shows the total clicks, EPC and commission earned per program (e.g. US, AU, UK etc)

Figure 5: Shows the total clicks, EPC and commission earned per campaign

Figure 6: Shows the total clicks, EPC and commission earned per day (e.g. US, AU, UK etc)

Figure 7: Shows the click timestamp which enables you to see how long after the click the item was actually purchased

Suggestions For The Future

I have asked Alan if he can include the Click Timestamp into the reports as well, since this is a large contributory factor to determining how much you actually end up getting paid for a click. He's going to try and get this into the next update.

If you would like to take advantage of this great plugin for yourself then you can get PiggyBank right here for just $20.

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