The Benefits of Becoming An Amazon Associate

Written By Ben Johnson on 28 October 2009 5 People Commented

benefitsofamazonassAs I mentioned in my previous post, Amazon Associates has remained overshadowed for a while now by eBay's larger and more popular affiliate program, however due to many changes over the last 12 months all of this is likely to change.

The new QCP structure from eBay has alienated A LOT of affiliates and if you read around the internet on the large networks, blogs and forums (eBay's being one of them) you can get some idea of what a lot of affiliates are currently thinking. At present around 30% of affiliates are reporting that they are seeing increases in their earnings but a large percentage of affiliates are seeing a significant drop in earnings, to the point that many of them have vowed to drop eBay as an income stream other than for their 'no work' sites. Whilst I'm not one of these affiliates I have significantly reduced the amount of sites I am building targeted purely at ePN. The fact is though that these affiliates will look for the next best thing, whilst Adsense or Chitika can provide a steady stream, neither exactly lend themselves to the product based niche affiliate website model. This is where Amazon comes in.

I explained in my first post my own thoughts towards making money as an Amazon Associate and why I believe that many people have been unable to succeed with them in the past but I really think attitudes are beginning to change.

There are many benefits to affiliating with Amazon if it's done right, the 24 hour cookie certainly shouldn't put you off.

The Main Benefits

A Hugely Popular Shopping Site

Amazon has only actually been around since the mid 1990's and in it's relatively short time online it's earned itself a reputation for being one of the most popular shopping sites online today with visitors in 2008 exceeding 600 million. It's exact number of associates is unknown but rumoured to be close to the 1 million mark, so there must be money in it, 1 million people can't be wrong.

Well Structured Reporting

Amazon Associate's well structured reporting system allows you to track your clicks and your sales so that you can see exactly when and where a click or sale occurred/originated, allowing you to monitor the performance of your affiliate websites. In my opinion eBay makes this a lot more difficult.

International Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates is an international affiliate network which covers all of the Amazon locations, although when using their web service interface not all departments are available to pull products from which can be a little annoying if your promoting one of the less common branches of the program such as Even though I am a UK based affiliate I will tend to opt more for the US affiliate program due to this, of course this also depends on what the market dictates as well.

Structured Commissions

You will know exactly where you are with Amazon, if you make a sale then you will get paid a percentage of that sale. The percentage commissions are based on a tier system whereby the more items you sell the more you will be paid. Their percentage ranges are 5-9%, you can read full details about their commission strcutre here.

If you haven't yet joined up as an Amazon associate then I recommend you do so by visiting Amazon Associates.

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  • Lyn said:

    Hi Ben,

    I am an Amazon affiliate for the US and the UK programs, and it really bugs me there is no connection between them.

    My sites get visitors from all over the world, but amazon sales are wasted if the visitor happens not to be in the US, which i use for most sites, due to market size.

    I do wish they would join the dots.

  • Ben (author) said:

    @Lyn – I know exactly where you are coming from and I think exactly the same. The problem would be partly solved IF some of the Amazon affiliate tools had GEO targeting capabilities. I do know that this is something Wade Wells is adding to phpZon shortly as a new featured (hopefully to be released this month).


  • Cherie said:

    Couldn’t agree more, it’s such a pain that Amazon isn’t geo’d. You’d have thought they would have done this ages ago. Glad to hear Wade’s doing something about it, wish Brad would as well, but I hear he’s doing some major updating so that should be interesting.

  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    @Cherie – It’s amazed me that they haven’t either Cherie.I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for the release of the new and updated phpZon. Whilst I use ReviewAZON and other products I love the simplicity of Zon.

    Yes Brad is working on ReviewAZON 2.0, will be great to see what new features he comes up with.


  • Teatree said:

    Lyn – re the problem of Amazon UK and Amazon USA – I solve it by having two pages on my site, one for UK customers and one for US customers, and have Amazon UK on the Uk page and Amazon USA on the US page.

    You need to put the location in the title of the page as in “Buy blue widgets (UK) or “Buy green widgets (USA).

    The Google bots will take notice of your geo-indicator in your page title, and you will find that they serve up the UK page to UK searchers and the US page to US searchers.
    TeatreeĀ“s last [type] ..Backlinking with Ezine Articles

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