A Couple Of Useful Plugins To Assist Your WordPress Site Build

Written By Ben Johnson on 27 January 2010 11 People Commented

Today, I just wanted to give you the heads up on a couple of plugins I use to make my life a lot easier when putting together a brand new WordPress website.

There are two problems/issues I always seem to face when putting together a new WordPress affiliate website. For example, if you look at my Mallet Putters website you can see that there is a huge amount of content on that site which I added and scheduled during the site build of just a few hours. The first problem was that adding that amound of content using the 'Add New Post' method would literally take hours to do. The second problem is that when I am working through these large site builds I almost always end up adding posts where I meant to add pages or vice versa which can be a real nightmare when you realise 5 or more of the posts you added were meant to be pages.

There are a couple of fantastic plugins I use which have enabled me to overcome both of these issues. The first is a plugin called Mass Page Maker and the second is called p2pConverter.

Mass page maker enables you to create massive numbers of pages OR posts all at once, either by adding your values directly into the admin interface or by creating and uploading a csv file. The plugin allows you to add multiple titles, content, custom fields and post statuses as well as being able to schedule posts to 'drip feed' into your site over time. With mass page maker it took me around 25 minutes to add 30 posts compared to the usual couple of hours it would normal take.

A word of caution: Just be sure to double check what you are uploading and the format because once you've uploaded 30+ posts you would have to remove them one by one if you'd made a mistake.

The second plugin, P2P Converter, is a smart little plugin which adds a 'convert to post' button to your pages list and a 'convert to page' button to your posts list. If you've accidentally created posts where you meant to create pages or vice versa then with one click of the button you can convert your page to a post or your post to a page. This plugin came in very handy last week when I decided to use pages instead of posts and had already created 15 posts, instead of deleting them and having to re-create them P2P came to the rescue once again.

A word of caution: This plugin is only listed as being compatible up to WordPress 2.7, whilst I have used it multiple times on versions after this, up to 2.9.1, please just be cautious.

On a final note, I use both of these plugins during the site build process so there is no need to have them installed after that, I always un-install them to save problems later down the road.

Do you use any plugins which make your site building easier or quicker?

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  • Kev said:

    That P2P converter is a great find Ben. If I had a pound (or $1.6144) for every time I’ve had to delete a post and recreate it as a page I’d have a nice little nest egg by now :)

  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    Cheers Kev, I love it. It seems to work fine so far on 2.9+ which is a bonus.

    I did the usual repository search thinking that no one could have possibly created a plugin to do this and what do you know they have! :)

  • billf said:

    Thanks Ben,
    Nice post. I’m going to download these plugins and give them a shot on my site.
    .-= billf´s last blog ..Valentines Day Gift Baskets For Her =-.

  • Ben Johnson (author) said:

    No problem, I find them both really useful myself. As I say I haven’t found any issues with 2.9.1 and P2P but if you do then please let me know.


  • Diane said:

    Good post. When I use an auto poster like you mention, I use the mass page remover plugin and mass post manager plugin. I do use some different plugins for these automated posting sites than my all original sites. I also use “search and replace” and “scheduled M.I.A’s.” on those sites. I do agree you have to check everything on those sites. The mass post manager really saves time going through and putting posts in different categories. Mass page remover will let you delete posts 1-234 or whatever, or selected posts like 2,5,9 etc.
    .-= Diane´s last blog ..Grow Your Own Garlic Rose Fungicide =-.

  • Wes Goodhoofd said:

    Thanks for the Mass Page Maker mention! I really like to hear about the plugin saving users time and effort. I’ll keep developing it if people use it!

  • Ben Johnson said:

    Hi Wes,

    Thanks for stopping by. Trust me, when I’m building a site with 30-40 pages of content I can do it in around 20 minutes compared to around 3-4 hours. Thanks so much for a truly AWESOME plugin and for taking the time to develop it.


  • Josh said:

    Speaking of must-have plug-ins, when is the comparipress plugin going to come to fruition? I’d love to play with it. P.S. I’m the guy who bought Mark’s Jeans site. Feel free to hit me up by email (and delete this comment if you want. I don’t want to threadjack, er, postjack. =)

  • Ben Johnson said:

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for stopping by. I’ve taken a change of direction with the CompariPress plugin at the moment purely because of problems getting people approved with the Shopping.com affiliate network. The CompariPress plugin WILL be released but the first version is likely to be a full price comparison plugin based on products from multiple affiliate networks, this will be available hopefully in a month or two. The Shopping.com version is likely to be an additional product.

    The jeans site is a really nice site, you had a great buy there, if I had the time it would have been one I’d have snapped up.

    Ben :)

  • Josh said:

    Is it OK if I experiment with the beta version Mark was using, then? I’m already a SDC affiliate. I’d also be happy to beta test your new plugin as well, if/when you are looking for input. Lemme know! =)

  • Ben Johnson said:

    Sure it is, please feel free . I’m more than happy for you to use it yourself. My concern just came from Shopping.com’s side, before xmas they were taking around 2-3 months to approve affiliates which was rediculous. Their affiliate manger in the UK wasn’t really interested which I why I put things on hold to be honest.

    We will be looking for people to test out the CompariPress MAIN product I’ll email you in the next few weeks/month.


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